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College of Graduate Studies

Walailak University, Thasala,

Nakhon Si Thammarat, 80160




MSc in Materials Science and Innovation at Walailk University is a research only program with 2 year study plan for both Type A1 (research only) and A2 (research and coursework). Our courses are taught by expert academics, through formal lecturing and student-led course works. Our students will have access to world-leading knowledge and infrastructure by working on real research projects as part of established research groups. Students are expected to make a genuine contribution to live projects, and to produce original research of a standard sufficient for peer reviewed publications.

MSc Program Structure: 

The MSc Program in Materials Science and Innovation at the College of Graduate Studies, Walailak University offers two choices for students who are interested in studying Chemistry, Physics or Materials Science.

  • Research only (Type A1): They will do research equaling 36 credits of two semester system and extra coursework in basic research skills courses and seminars (but not count credits).

  • Research and coursework (Type A2): They will do coursework (16 credits) and  research equaling 18 credits of two semester system.

For the more intensive information on our Program

Download our MSc Program Specification

MSc Handbook Academic Year 2020

Course Specifications:

Curriculum Structure: 

MSc program structure.png
Course Requirements: 


Core courses:

Developed research skills 

  • MSI63-600 Skills for Research Scientists

  • MSI63-601 Project planning and proposal writing

  • MSI63-602 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship


  • MSI63-681 Seminar I

  • MSI63-682 Seminar II

Advanced research skills

  • MSI63-610 Dynamic Mechanical Analysing: A Practical Approach

  • MSI63-611 Characterization of Engineer Materials: A Practical Approach

  • MSI63-612 Density Functional Theory: Theory and Calculation

  • MSI63-613 Numerical Simulations of Physical Phenomena

  • MSI63-614 Computer aided instrumentation design and 3D printing

  • MSI63-615 Computational modelling in science and engineering

  • MSI63-616 Material Characterizations by Photon and Electron Beam

  • MSI63-617 Principles and Applications of Molecular Spectroscopy

  • MSI63-618 Principles and Applications of X-ray Diffraction

  • MSI63-619 Electrochemical Methods

Selective Courses

  • MSI63-620 Functional Molecular Materials

  • MSI63-621 Nanostructured Materials

  • MSI63-622 Structure and Properties of Materials

  • MSI63-623 Polymer Surfaces and Interphases

  • MSI63-624 Materials for electrochemical applications

  • MSI63-630 Rubber Chemistry

  • MSI63-631 Modern Magnetic Materials

  • MSI63-632 Physics of Crystal and its Defects

  • MSI63-633 Acoustics in Fluids

  • MSI63-634 Acoustics in Solids

  • MSI63-635 Frontier in Coordination Chemistry

  • MSI63-636 Crystal Engineering

  • MSI63-637 Green Chemistry

  • MSI63-640 Innovation of Materials Technology

  • MSI63-641 Physics of plasmas and applications

  • MSI63-642 Physics of microwave and applications

  • MSI63-710 Scientific Writing and Publishing


  • MSI63-920 Thesis for Type A1 

  • MSI63-921 Thesis for Type A2

Type A1 Study Plan: 

A1-study plan.png
Type A2 Study Plan: 
A2-study plan.png

Materials Science and Innovation Program

College of Graduate Studies

Walailak University, Thasala

Nakhon Si Thammarat, 80160


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