Specific Equipement

  • Both modules have faculties for Ar atmosphere reactions with two Schlenk lines with high vacuum pump. 

  • For pours functional materials synthesis, we have two high temperature furnaces. One of the furnaces can reach 1200 C under Ar atmosphere. 

  • Redox active behaviour of functional materials is studied using electrochemistry. In our lab we have a wild range of electrochemical techniques including spectrolectrochemistry (UV-Vis-NIR optical fiber coupling with electrochemical set) as well as Electrochemical Impedence spectroscopy. The Metrohm Autolab optical bench provides a means of studying the electrochemical behaviour of photovoltaic cells, like dye sensitized solar cells.

  • We try to go green as possible when it comes to synthesis. Say good bye to oil bath, we replace it with Drysyn heating block. No more water wasting during reflux, try the Findenser!

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