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On the second floor in the E Building of the Technology and Innovation Building is the space for the Functional Materials and Nanotechnology Center of Excellence, FuNTech.


It is composed of two modules, the Molecular Design and Multifunctional Materials Laboratory and the Functional Porous Materials Laboratory,  with high standard fitting lab benches and infrastructure. Both modules have faculties for Ar atmosphere reactions with two Schlenk lines with high vacumm pump.

FuNTech CoE

Welcome to FuNTech

Self-learning area

Self-learning area & hung out space for students

Ar gas controlling system

High purity Ar gas system for both modules

Lab Space II

Functional Porous Materials Laboratory

Lab space I

Molecular Design & Multifunctional Materials Laboratory.

Meeting room

This room serve as meeting room and postgraduate teaching room.

Writing up area

Space for students to read and write while they're conducting experiments.

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