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  • XRD Winter School 2018
    จ. 19 พ.ย.
    Walailak Co-Working Space
    Learn all “How to use Olex2” from an expert, Dr. Horst Puschmann, Chief Scientific Officer from OlexSys Ltd. Additionally, we will be discussing matters of crystal growing, crystal quality, data quality, data collection strategies, data integration and many more!
  • Summer Training 2018
    จ. 27 ส.ค.
    ตำบล ไทยบุรี
  • Functional Materials & Nanotech Focus Group
    อา. 26 มี.ค.
    To celebrate 25th Anniversary Walailak University. Functional Materials and Nanotechnology Center of Excellence (FuNTech) and Crest Nanosolution Ltd. would like to invite researchers in Thailand who are interested in Functional Materials and Nanotechnology to join the event and share your experience

FuNTech Events

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