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Chat Pholnak's Publications

  • C. Pholnak,  S. Sirisathitkul, S. Soontaranon and S. Rugmai, UV-Vis Absorption and Small Angle X-ray Scattering Spectra of Commercial Polyurethane Coating Filled with Zinc Oxide, National Academy Science Letters. 2016, 39(2), 125-128.

  • S. Sirisathitkul, C. Pholnak, T. Chareonsuk, P. Panchawirat and S. Rugmai,   Comparative SAXS, DSC and FT-IR spectra of polyurethane coating filled with hexagonal and sword like zinc oxide, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering. 2016, 14(6), 2339-2344.
  • C. Pholnak, M. Lertworapreecha, S. Sirisathitkul and S. Suwanboon, Antibacterial and physical properties of ZnO with pH-sensitive morphology, Journal of Experimental Nanoscience. 2016, 11(17), 1307-1319.


  • C. Pholnak, S. Suwanboon and C. Sirisathitkul, Effects of precursor concentration and reaction time on sonochemical synthesized ZnO nanoparticles, Materials Research. 2014, 17(2), 405-411.

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