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Functional Porous Materails

Bioactive glasses (BGs)

Recently, functional porous materials with hierarchically pore, are developed a range of novel techniques to fabricate aligned porous and hierarchically porous materials, and nanostructures. The great challenge that is to control the hierarchically meso-, macroporous materials with individual pore size, porous structures, and functionalities for various applications such as drug delivery, catalysis, chromatography etc.

Bioactive glasses (BGs) are compatible with human body, bond to bone and can stimulate new bone growth while dissolving overtime. In a relate project, we have synthesized three dimensionally ordered macroporous (3DOM) bioactive glasses directly synthesis by templating and self-assembly methods. Using polymer or surfactant templates we can control the architecture of porous and nanostructured materials and create products with special properties

BGs with hierarchically porous are investigated as a host for uptake and controlled release of drug components. Furthermore, the magnetic mesoporous bioactive glass (MMBG) has been interested because it possesses the multifunction including excellent biocompatibility, magnetic property, and mesoporous structure. It is possible to achieve the bonding of the bioactive glass and the bone and the growth of the latter. On the other hand, iron ions play an important role in the magnetic intracellular hyperthermia treatment of bone cancer

Light harvesting Ru and Zn complexes

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