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Molecular Design & Multifunctional Materials Laboratory

Materials form an essential part of modern technology. The discovery of new materials with designed properties remains a key challenge in science. We are interested in molecular magnetic, photosensitive and porus materials for applications in the technology, energy and biomedical industries.

Magnetic Materials Laboratory

Magnetic materials have been around for many years and form an integral part of many different technologies. Here we are particularly interested in the design of magnetic nanomaterials. This ranges from synthesis to device fabrication to modelling of the observed magnetic beahviour.

The Centre for Scientific and Technological Equipment provides a wide range of basic instruments for graduate students. Once trained, you can access any of these instruments 24 hours-a-day such as FTIR, UV-Vis, NMR spectroscopies. 


We also provide well equipped laboratories for postgraduate students at the Technology and Innovation Building with basic/specific equipments. 



Functional Materials and Nanotechnology Center of Excellence (FuNTech)


On 22 November 2016, the Molecular Technology Research Unit (MTRU) has been promoted to Functional Materials and Nanotechlogy Center of Excellence (FuNTech). 

The Molecular Technology Research Unit (MTRU) was established in 2007 by joining two research groups, Experimental Physics Research Unit and Molecular Design and Electrochemistry Laboratory. At that time there were 4 laboratories in our research unit:

  • Plasma and Microwave Technology Laboratory

  • Magnetic Materials Laboratory

  • Acoustic Technology Laboratory

  • Molecular Design and Electrochemistry Laboratory

In 2009, The Plasma and Microwave Technology Laboratory became the first Centre of Excellence in Walailak University namely, the Plasma Technology for Agricultural Applications Research Centre, Thailand Center of Excellence in Physics (ThEP). However, we still collaborate in research and academic activities.


Until now, 2016, there are two research laboratories in our center of excellence with more focus on research applications and better facilities including brand new lab space for our active groups. 

  • Molecular Design & Multifunctional Materials Laboratory

  • Magnetic Materials  Laboratory


The main objectives for FuNTech are:
  • Encourage and support the members to develop their research to an international standard.

  • Train a new generation of researchers to be passionate and understand science and technology.

  • Develop technology to solve local problems.

  • Transfer research knowledge to other institutes or local organizations.

  • Build research networks in and outside Thailand.

  • Promote science and technology at university and high school levels.


How to join us?

There are ways to join our research unit

  • If you have background in Chemistry you can apply for MSc and PhD program in Chemistry. As three of our members are lecturers in this program you will be come the member of FuNTech when you join our research.

  • If you have background in Physics and you are interested in magnetic materials you can join our research unit through Dr. Chitnarong's research group under MSc and PhD program in Physics.

  • Join the young researchers training program. We are welcome all level of students who would like to gain their research experience with us such as undergraduate, postgraduate students, the new lecturers in other universities are also welcome.





For any inquiries, questions or colboration, please call: 66-75-67-2100 or fill out the following form

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Functional Materials & Nanotechnology CoE

Innovation Building E2,

Walailak University, Thasala

Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand, 80160

Tel: 66-75-67-2100

Fax: 66-75-67-2004


To apply for a job or a scholarship with FuNTech, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:


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Projects Completed




Awards Won
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